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Hair Types and How to Treat It

You as a woman, certainly often complicated with the appearance of your hair. How not, hair can make an appearance look more perfect. Conversely, if your hair is limp, the appearance of it feels to be imperfect and you feel less confident. If you don’t care about your hair type all this time, you should start caring at the hair salons. Each type of hair needs to be treated differently because it has its own level of oiliness. In addition, you also need to adjust the shampoo and conditioner for each type of hair so that your hair can look more beautiful. Here are the types of hair you need to know.

Straight hair
Straight hair is a common type of hair in Indonesia. This hair is known for its type of hair which is boring but easy to shape. The owner of this straight hair often easily feels their hair oily easily.

Wavy hair
This wavy hair type has the right composition between waves and straight, so the hair does not seem boring. Unfortunately, if the hair is not treated properly this wave can make hair look messy and baby hair comes out. If you have this hair, it’s very important to always moisturize it so that your hair doesn’t look like a lion’s hair. Always give conditioner to your hair at least once a week.

If you have a type of curly hair, surely you often feel annoyed because it is difficult to manage. However, do not rush to clamp your hair because it will make your hair become damaged. It’s best to let your curly hair and believe it. Curly hair is prone to tangle. To avoid it from hairs that come out and expand, always use a conditional and be diligent to cut it so that your hair stays bright and moist.

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