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The Right Watch To Suit Any Events

One fashion item that is often out of sight but its existence can complement our appearance to make it look more fashionable and stylish is a womens watch. Wearing a watch not only functions as a time marker tool but if combined with appropriate clothing can double function as an accessory to complete our appearance. Women mix and match clothing and complete accessories from under the feet to the top of the head. So sometimes like to forget to buy fashion items including the watch as well. Of the several types of women’s watches that you have, most of the models are less suitable when combined with formal clothes such as party dresses or dress outfit such as blazers August Berg.

It feels like something is lacking if you happen to be required to look formal, but you can’t wear a watch too. Want to buy more watches with elegant designs and are suitable for formal wear, it’s still a shame if it can not be worn every day. So it wants to have one watch but it can be suitable for a variety of appearances. Choosing a woman’s watch that is suitable for use when looking formal or casual. And of course, it makes us look more fashionable and confident. Choose the basic color of the watch that matches our skin color. The first factor in choosing a watch design that suits me is the choice of color, for women who have light skin it is quite easy to choose the color of the watch that fits in the hand. But for those who are dark-skinned, choose the color of the watch which tends to be neutral like dark brown, black or rose gold is also beautiful.

Adjust the size with our wrists. If we want to have a women’s watch that can be suitable for a variety of looks ranging from formal to casual, choose the size of the watch that is not too big and not too small. Because in my opinion if the size of a large watch is suitable for casual to sporty appearance, but a watch with a small diameter size matches the formal appearance. So from that, if you want your watch to fit a variety of appearances, choose the size of a watch with a moderate diameter.

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