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These Types Of Hats Are Trending Among Urban Men

Not only women who have bad hair days, but men also must have time when hair can not be arranged and messy. Well, the main solution to overcome this super annoying problem is to use a hat! However, many kinds of hats. Often the men are confused about what kind of hat to use. Moreover, if you use it wrong and do not know how to use it, it can make your style become messy. Meanwhile, if you want to have a very unique hat, we suggest you try to design a hat yourself.

So let’s look at some types of hats that are being hit among urban youth below:


Although impressed as a classic, the fedora is still a favorite of urban young people, especially men who want to look elegant, classy and vintage! Fedora has existed since the 1920s and was once used by gangsters. However, do not just choose a fedora, let alone choose the wrong color, because the consequences will be very fatal. Try choosing a fedora with neutral colors that can be combined with all colors of clothing, such as brown, dark gray or black.


If you are tired of using hats whose lips are pointing forward, you can try using hats that are directed back aka snapback! There are several types of hats that can be used by this snapback, call it trucker to a baseball cap.

Well, this snapback trend is very hype among urban young people, because the style of this snapback hat can be combined with a variety of clothes, ranging from T-shirts to hoodies.

Dad hat

Why is this hat called dad hat? When viewed from its shape, it is very classic and “old”, but if combined with the right clothes, dad hat will make you look classic and cool!

Dad’s hat is marked by the curvature of his hat to the inside and is also often equated with a baseball cap. In addition, dad hat is also not difficult to be combined for various styles of clothing. If you like a casual style, you can combine your dad’s hat with your streetwear style. If you want to look casual, you can also use this neat shirt and dad hat.

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