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Types Of Laboratory Centrifuge For Molecular Biology Usage

Every time we want to analyze something especially related to science, we need a lab that offers special equipment such as centrifuga de laboratorio. However, not all people or stakeholders have them. Moreover, only a few institutions are concerned with the field. This is what makes the emergence of those who provide the centrifuga de laboratorio services for users.

As with the availability of laboratory centrifuge, you are certainly curious about this one lab, aren’t you? A laboratory centrifuge tends to be one of laboratory tools spinning the samples of liquid at the high speed. It is likely the same as the centrifuge. It works by the principle of sedimentation. There, the acceleration of the centripetal is commonly used for separating the substances o a lesser and greater density.

Common Types Of Laboratory Centrifuge
Commonly, there are some types of these centrifuges. But here, we will share with you 4 most used. The types will depend on the sample capacity and its size.

1. Microcentrifuge
This device is very small. It is only around 0.2ml – 2.0 ml. It is exactly used for the small or microtubes. The device is also up to around 96 well-plate, small footprint, and compact design. The microcentrifuge is up to the size of 30,000).

2. Clinical Centrifuge
This belongs to the device with moderate speed. This is specifically used for clinical application. They are likely for analyzing the blood.

3. Multipurpose Centrifuges in High SPeed
This device may be different from other offers some broad range o the tube sizes. It comes with a big footprint and high variability.

4. Ultracentrifuge
This is used for the preparative and analytical models. It offers the temperature regulated and refrigerated device. The heat is generated by certain air friction. frequently, it is needed to maintain the samples at a certain temperature.

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