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WoW Character Powerleveling? – We’re going back to the future!

Ever noticed that leveling in World of Warcraft kinda sucks? Newer players especially should know that. You have one chance to choose a class and if you’re not happy with it… it’s either patchwerk content of varying quality where you never stay long enough to understand what is going on around you. Or mind-numbing dungeon farming until you suddenly hit the narrated storyline. Seasoned players? Sure, most veterans have heritage weapons and armor that enhance their experience gain and boost leveling speed, but if you don’t – it’s the same story for you.

Thankfully, we’ve got a nice solution! It’s not as fast as an in-game service, taking 1 or 2 days to complete, but is much cheaper and highly customizable! You can add such features to our service, such as additional Campaign progress (content unlock), Pathfinder Meta-Achievement progress (required for flying), Reputation progress (content, crafting, gear and more), or something else entirely, like advanced character gear! Unlike Blizzard, we won’t leave you feeling like a chick pushed out of the nest!

Did we get you interested in WoW Character Powerleveling? Good! Then be sure to check BoostBay.com for more ideas and services to add to your purchase and improve your gameplay expectations!

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