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You May Try A Healthy Lifestyle To Get Rid Of Blood Vessel Plaque

There are many steps to a healthy life that you can take to maintain healthy blood vessels. However, lifestyle cannot actually erode the plaque that has formed in your body. In order to erode it, you still need certain medications that are prescribed by a doctor. Or even removing the obstruction directly requires surgery by inserting a special tube so that the plaque is raised and the blood flow becomes smooth again.

Even so, that does not mean you can only surrender to these medical measures. A healthy lifestyle is also still needed to help remove plaque.

Therefore, a healthy lifestyle can prevent plaque formation. That way, the possibility of increased plaque that is formed will be smaller, and blood vessels do not narrow. Very helpful, right?

A healthy lifestyle for blood vessel health, and here are some things you can try:

1. Eat healthy foods

Diet has an important role in maintaining the health of your heart and blood vessels. With the right food, the risk of plaque formation will decrease.

2. Regular exercise

Being overweight and obese is one of the main risk factors that trigger plaque buildup in blood vessels. Well, exercise can prevent a person from overweight so it is far from blood vessel problems.

Regular cardio exercise can strengthen the heart and help prevent plaque buildup.

3. Drink herbal tea

Drinking herbal teas such as green tea, black tea, ginger tea, is the right choice for the health of your heart and blood vessels.

A study shows that drinking 6 cups of one of the herbal teas namely rooibos tea every day, for 6 weeks can help reduce levels of bad cholesterol or LDL.

Other research also shows that green tea can also help reduce LDL levels in the blood. With a decrease in LDL levels, that means the risk of plaque formation will be smaller.

4. Stop smoking

As reported by Medical News Today, smoking is a major risk factor that causes blood vessels to become blocked. Cigarettes can directly damage arteries and can make fat build up more quickly in blood vessels. Quitting smoking will also increase good cholesterol, aka HDL while reducing the amount of bad cholesterol or LDL.

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