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3 Unique Facts You Need To Know From Uncle Sam Land

Being a country with the largest and best economy in the world, America is one of the developed countries that are famous for various things, including artistic creativity and UltimateFlags. Not only that, but the United States also has some unique facts, which you may not have known before. One of them is the statue of liberty which is famous as the icon of new york city, even though if you pay attention the statue is located in New Jersey. For those of you who want to know more about the unique facts of Uncle Sam’s country, then you can refer to the following article. First, America has no national language other than English. So the United States chose to use English as its national language. And English was chosen because it is already widely used by the majority of the American population, even though if you look at it there are about 40 million more of the population claiming that they are of German descent. In addition, English was chosen because, during a debate at the Congress held in 1795, English won over German.

The second unique fact is that the United States has the highest obesity rate. For those of you who like traveling because they are influenced by seeing Hollywood movie actors who have direct and athletic bodies. You might be a bit disappointed.

A unique fact that when from Uncle Sam’s country is that you can claim the island as your personal property. So there is one of those laws that you are unlikely to hear about. This reads that you can have a private island, if you find Guano on the island, which is not within the jurisdiction of the government then the island can exercise the right to choose the people who live in that place.

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