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4 Reasons Why Ball Screw Is Beneficial For Machines

A ball screw is one of the most important parts of a machine. Ball screw consists of a screw and nut spindle integrated with the ball and ball return mechanism. A ball screw is the most common type of screw used in industrial machinery and machines that require high precision. The main function of the ball screw is to convert rotating motion into linear motion or torque to drive and vice versa. If damaged, you could take it to the https://www.superiorballscrewrepair.com/ service or replace it with the new one.

Many benefits of using ball screw-like high efficiency, reversibility, and high accuracy. Compared to the lead screw, the ball screw has better benefits. The ball screw has a ball between the nut and the spindle so that the screw friction is carried out by the rotation of the ball. Ball screw made of steel through the process of carburizing and induction hardening. The benefits of a ball screw for your machine are

1. High efficiency and reversibility. Ball screws can achieve 90% efficiency because the ball is rolling between the spindle and the nut. Therefore the required torque is about one-third of the lead screw. Due to the low torque required by ball screws when operating this can also result in lower motor power used.

2. Backlash elimination and high stiffness. CNC machines require a ball screw with the smallest backlash (zero) and minimal elastic deformation. A ball screw is designed with an arch on the ball track (groove ball). Movement back and forth on a ball screw is needed to achieve a high level of rigidity. However, excessive alternating movements can increase friction torque in operation. Thus, the friction torque will produce heat and shorten the life of the ball screw.

3. High lead accuracy. In making a ball screw there is a good laser measurement so it produces a ball screw with a high degree of accuracy.

4. Predictable life expectancy. Different from the lead screw is governed by direct surface friction these ball screws can be used up to the level of fatigue in the metal ball screw material.

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