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4 Simple Ways to Fix msvcp140.dll missing

MSVCP140 is a Dynamic Link Library file that contains a set of instructions for several applications that are currently or will be executed. While msvcp140.dll itself is an element contained in the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015. If there is a problem with msvcp140.dll missing, these 4 ways can guide you to solve it.

1. Reinstall the problematic program
Although it rarely happens, an interrupted installation process can cause the msvcp140.dll file to be lost or even corrupted. Re-install the problematic game or application, although this method is actually not very effective because it can take quite a while if the installed program is large enough.

2. Perform an antivirus scan on the system
Doing an antivirus scan can help you remove this malware and maybe your problem is solved. Unfortunately, Windows Defender cannot detect the virus, so use an antivirus application such as Avira, Smadav, or the like.

3. Check the Recycle Bin
This solution doesn’t sound helpful at all but try to open your recycle bin file (if it’s not already deleted) and look for the file/folder related to msvcp140.dll.

4. Download and install msvcp140.dll manually
There are 2 ways to get the msvcp140.dll file, first through Microsoft Visual C++ directly from the official, or download msvcp140.dll through 3rd party sites. This method is quite popular for those of you who solve it practically.

Open the dll download site then search for the missing msvcp140.dll select the latest dll version click the download button, then wait for the download process to complete. After that, go to this folder location:

Windows 10 x64: C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64
Windows 10 x86: C:\WINDOWS\System32

Paste the file you downloaded there, then restart the computer if necessary. After restarting, open the problematic program/game again.

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