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5 Keys To Speaking English, Very Easy To Practice

For beginners who want to speak English must learn a lot to continue to a higher level, such as b1 test or british life skills. Well, here are some tricks to learn to speak English.

1. The more memorized the grammar, the more confused and dizzy. Get out and practice English Speaking! Never wait until you are good at it.
After studying, go out and practice speaking. Don’t wait until you are proficient in grammar.

Don’t overdo it so justify any delay. The most frequent and effective reason to delay practising Speaking is that they are not proficient in English grammar.

2. Just learning to speak, but want to quickly become proficient? No problem. Use this method: prioritize understanding simple phrases or sentences rather than memorizing words.
If you want to master English Speaking immediately, it’s better to understand simple phrases and sentences than to memorize words

Learn simple phrases & sentences and most often used in everyday conversation. For example phrases and sentences in daily dialogue at school, at home, at work, in supermarkets, cafes etc. Better to understand simple phrases & sentences than memorize the meaning of each word.

3. When learning to speak English, use several phrases continuously in one day and two days. Even to the people closest to you even though they don’t understand.
When learning to speak English, use several phrases or sentences continuously in a day or two

Well, you already know that simple phrases and sentences must be prioritized so that English Speaking skills will improve rapidly. If you have learned it, the next key you must grasp is practice. Yes, use those phrases and sentences continuously for a day or two.

4. Make yourself immersed in the environment that you created yourself.
Practising speaking in English is when you are immersed in a self-created environment

The most effective way to improve foreign language skills is to mingle with native speakers.
How do you do that? If you want to practice with native speakers directly, you can travel/visit tourist attractions. Find recommendations on the places most frequently visited by foreigners in your neighbourhood. Visit and learn to speak English with some Caucasians. Immerse yourself in that environment.

But, if you are reluctant to leave the house, you can create your own foreign language environment. How? Everything can be on the internet. Find foreign friends (a good friend) via the internet. Invite them to chat via skype or other social media. In addition, it can also decorate your home with various quotes in foreign languages.

Watch TV shows, listen to the radio, also read magazines in English. Do you have to subscribe to foreign TV channels? Ah, you don’t need that much. Everything is available on the internet, Youtube for example. Be creative!

5. Only the strength of the schedule and consistency can lead you to the word MAHIR Speaking English. If you have both, congratulations, you have the right to rise to the next level.
Only the strength of the schedule and consistency can lead you to the word MAHIR English

Schedule & Consistency. Yep, these two things are the next key you just have to get to a higher level. Of course, you know the meaning of both. The schedule is identical to planning, namely the arrangement of days and activities. While consistency is related to how to execute what has been planned. Schedule (planning) is mature, if not accompanied by consistency it will only be a forgotten dream.

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