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5 Signs Your Fungus Rugs Overgrown

Carpet is one important element in the interior of a house. The carpet serves to protect the floor while beautifying the room. Carpets including furniture that most easily store dust, dirt, bacteria, and mold. Facing the problem of growing mold on the carpet is not easy. If it is already breeding, you must exert extra energy to completely remove mold from the carpet northernbeachescarpetcleaning.com. However, to detect whether your carpet is covered with mold or not is not easy. This is because mold usually breeds on the inside of a carpet that is invisible to the eye. To make sure your carpet is clean from mold and bacteria, clean your carpet at Tile Cleaning Northern Beaches because they clean the carpet with complete steps, from cleaning the carpet with a water pressure machine to drying and applying perfume.

To prevent bad things from happening, you need to know the signs of carpet growing with mold. Here are five signs that indicate that your carpet has been covered with mold. Come on, recognize that you are increasingly aware of the presence of this one intruder organism.

1. There is a musty smell
If there is a musty smell around the carpet, you can be sure the fungus has proliferated on the carpet.

2. Increased allergy
Mold on the carpet can cause health problems such as allergies, respiratory problems, asthma, bronchitis, and flu. If one of your family members experiences health problems like this, there may be mold in your home, one of which is on the carpet.

3. Wet carpet
Carpets that are left wet for more than one day can cause mold growth. If you know your carpet is wet or damp, the cause may be water spilling or parts of the house leaking.

4. There are green, white and black patches on the carpet
In most cases, when the fungus growth has reached a certain stage, you can see the discoloration of the carpet. Most have white, black and green patches. Those patches indicate the presence of fungus colonies on your carpet.

5. There is mold under the carpet
Try lifting your carpet and look underneath. If there is a musty smell or strange spots, this indicates that your carpet has been covered with mold.

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