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AC Freon: Invisible Compounds with Many Benefits

Today, its presence in homes, offices, or vehicles as air conditioning cannot be left out anymore, especially for people who live in the tropical countries that tend to always be hot all day, an air conditioner also seems to be a compulsory electronic device that needs to be present in every household, office or vehicle. But, do you know about the compound that plays an important role in the AC? The answer would be freon. So, if the air conditioner of yours lacks freon, you need to refill it immediately. You can call an air conditioner technician like the ac port charlotte to help you on that matter.

Freon, a chemical compound used as a coolant. Freon or refrigerant is a chemical or gas compound that is usually used as a fluid to absorb the cooling load of the room or other places that want to be conditioned the temperature of the air. Because it is included in a chemical or gas compound, the freon has no color and also no odor.

This compound consists of various types, ranging from high to low levels. Due to its various functions, Freon is classified into several classes based on the type of fluid used. These types include CFS (Chlorofluorocarbon), HCFC (Hydrochlorofluorocarbon), HFC (Hydrofluorocarbon), HC (Hydrocarbon), and natural types directly used from nature.

However, you need to be careful as unattended freons can threaten health. Safe use of freon is highly recommended. This freon actually does not harm the environment as long as it is not released into the air alias installation of air conditioner does not leak. But, if the leaking and freon installations are released into the air, it will be toxic if inhaled by humans.

The AC damage that is often faced is the leaky freon. Freon leakage can reduce the ability of the air conditioner to cool the room quickly. So what are the signs of a freon leak? These symptoms must be watched out for because they can damage your health:

– Air conditioning gives off hot air
Do a simple experiment by directing your hand to the ventilation lips of the air conditioning unit in the room in your home and the value of quality and the level of firmness of the air produced. From there you can guess whether your AC unit is only limited to freon fluids or has a leak.

– Electricity costs suddenly become more
Until a certain point, the AC will still be able to make the air cool but requires more extra effort to work. Extra effort means more energy is needed and usage time. Both of them also led to the swelling of electricity bills to be paid. Therefore, checking the feasibility of a freon is a tip to reduce the cost of electricity bills as part of the wise way to use air conditioning at home.

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