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All About Coworking Space

What Is Coworking Space?
A new workspace where users work with other people from different companies/organizations in one place work life coworking. The term coworking space refers to the results of the work in collaboration both between individuals and companies that have different business backgrounds.

The concept promoted by coworking space is sharing where there are various individuals, communities, and even companies, which are usually start-ups. Usually, there is one open space for shared use and small rooms that can be rented per individual or community or company.

The Coworking Space phenomenon
Now, the co-working space industry is rife everywhere and seems to be a ‘booming’ phenomenon and is loved by a majority of young people. Mark Corbett, Co-founder of Pace Ventures at theguardian.com, said that co-working space emerged as an alternative to space in a relatively expensive office building. The need for workspace arises because of the many business start-ups and increasingly freelance jobs.

What are the Benefits of Coworking Space?
Coworking space has the advantages needed in doing business that is currently very important, namely networking and collaboration. With coworking space as a place for entrepreneurs to gather, coworking space users will have more business acquaintances who can be used as business partners, clients, or discussion partners. With the presence of acquaintances and the possibility of collaborating, businesses can develop much more rapidly because of the many opportunities and also the inspiration obtained from different environments.

Not only that, but Coworking Space is also the answer to the problem of building operational costs that continue to rise. Because the office has been provided by a coworking space provider, entrepreneurs no longer need to pay extra to rent a building, buy furniture such as chairs and tables, pay for internet office management (maintenance), or hire a receptionist or security. Users can immediately work and focus on doing business.

Coworking Space facilities
Coworking space providers usually provide essential facilities for businesses in addition to workplaces such as internet connections, meeting rooms to meet with clients and also team discussions, as well as drinks such as mineral water, tea and coffee. Users will also be assisted by professional receptionists to receive incoming mail and packages. Some Coworking Spaces also provide virtual addresses for legality purposes.

Who is suitable to use Coworking Space?
Coworking Space is offered as a solution for anyone who wants to work with greater benefits and lower costs. Coworking is often used by MSME businesses and also professional workers such as freelancers. Besides, conventional businesses can also utilize the community from coworking space for discussion and business cooperation.

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