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Bathroom Cleaning Tips

A clean bathroom is one of the keys to a clean home. Imagine if your bathroom was left dirty without regular maintenance. In fact, the bathroom is prone to being a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. On that basis, let’s learn how to thoroughly clean the bathroom so that you and your family avoid disease using virginia cleaning company service.

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For some people, cleaning the bathroom may feel inconvenient. The reason is, there are so many parts and objects that must be kept clean, from walls, faucets, toilets, floors, to bathroom glass. In fact, by diligently cleaning the bathroom, you will not spend too much time on each house cleaning session. The more often you do this activity, the shorter the time it will take to clean it. Just like cleaning areas of the house and other items, such as cleaning the air conditioner, kitchen, fans, and others, you should also not forget to clean the bathroom. Keeping the bathroom clean also includes implementing PHBS (Clean and Healthy Living Behavior) in oneself and the environment.

It’s no secret that the toilet is one of the dirtiest places in your home. How come? According to a study from the Journal of Hospital Infection, when you press the flush button after using the toilet, bacteria are at risk of spreading to other places or objects because they stick to your hands. Therefore, make sure you keep the toilet clean, both cleaning the toilet seat and the inside of the toilet. Scrub the toilet with soap, disinfectant, or special toilet cleaner 1-2 times a week. Also make sure to clean the clogged toilet. In addition, it’s a good idea to close the toilet every time you press the flush button to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in the bathroom.

When you are taking a shower, without realizing it there is so much water mixed with soap or shampoo that splashes on the bathroom walls. This splash of water often triggers the appearance of crust on the walls. Fortunately, how to clean the scale on the bathroom wall is not as difficult as you might think. Light stains can be removed by pouring water on them and wiping them down. You can also use a brush and soap or a special descaling liquid if the stain is quite persistent.

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