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Best Way To Wear Watches

A formal watch or commonly called a dress watch is one of the watch models that you must have in your collection. A watch that emphasizes a simple design but still functions as a timepiece accessory. We know the rules of dressing on certain occasions now are not as rigid as before. Your suit will look just as cool when combined with sneakers or oxfords shoes. Although keep in mind that in certain official events you must still appear in the best formal suit and shoes. The rule now also applies to dress watches. The danish watches armed with a sleek and minimalist design, now you can wear it not only during formal events but you can make self-expression in your style of dress. Pairing it with a suit or sweatshirt will make a cool style statement.

Interestingly, a dress watch is now a versatile choice. When you wear a classic dress watch with streetwear will add an element of luxury to your cool style. And if you take good care of a dress watch, it can become a valuable item in the future. Most dress watches have a thin profile case so it is easy to be tucked under a suit shirt. You should choose metal cases such as yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or platinum to increase value in the future. For a more affordable price, a stainless steel case can be an option. The round case shape is the most classic style choice, and you can choose a diameter between 38 and 42 millimeters. If your wrist is small, don’t use a size larger than 40mm. A square case is also worth looking at if you want to look a little different.

The dial face on the dress watch only shows the time without looking excessive with various functions and complications. The hands are designed to be sleek, and the index is usually only in the form of small batons or Roman or Arabic numerals. In choosing a strap, leather or alligator is the perfect combination. Some dress watches also offer metal bracelets but will make them look bulky and less versatile. An elegant dress watch will always perfect your appearance on every occasion, be it in an important meeting or a relaxing afternoon on the weekend.

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