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Check Car Damage With Scanner Tool

When going to travel, suddenly the car feels strange. Of course, this makes the driver start to panic. Especially when he was in a hurry to leave. Things like that are sometimes experienced by vehicle owners. Damage suddenly occurs without recognizing the cause. One step that can be taken is to call a car mechanic or take the car to a repair shop with the help of a crane to check what damage happened to the car. At mobile tyre fitting london, you can ask for help to check the car tires or install new tires if the car tires are no longer fit to pass.

Car Damage Scanner Tool
The laptop brought by the mechanic is part of the car damage scanner. The form is not only in the form of a laptop, but there is also a shape similar to an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machine which is often used for payments by debit or credit cards.

To connect the scanner or the damaged scanner, there is usually a special cable that is connected to a special plug. After that, the tool is operated and can analyze the damage to the car. This of course greatly facilitates mechanics in finding out engine damage without the need to look for it manually.

Although Sophisticated, There Are Still Limits
Although very helpful and so sophisticated, not all car damage can be detected by this tool. Manual damage cannot be checked with this tool. For example, clogged oil, a steering wheel that has not been moved electrically, and brake linings also sound. It still needs to find the damage manually.

Damages that can be detected with the scanner are component system malfunctions that are regulated by the Engine Control Unit or ECU. For example, transmission, ABS, airbags, electrical systems, air conditioning, immobilizer, injection system, and also other sensors on the engine.

Checking using this scanner is included in the routine service package at official workshops. There is no additional charge for scanning if done during service. However, if the scan is performed when a malfunction occurs, of course, there is an additional cost.

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