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Choose, Replace Head Unit, or Car Speaker First?

Sometimes car owners are not satisfied with the standard audio conditions so replace it with aftermarket products. However, to get a good sound quality, no need to replace all the factory default audio devices. One of the actors of audio modification said the standard car audio quality is designed quite a for entertainment and not a major concern. Owners of cars with limited funds simply replace the head unit with products that have better quality than the manufacturer version. Better replace the standard head unit first instead of changing the speakers. You can get component speaker & its variation on our website.

Because the speaker change, baseball felt the change. The Head unit is a foundation, so it’s good to determine the quality. While the speakers only issue a sound from which the head unit is ordered. Therefore you should have chosen speakers of good quality and only to us you can get the best budget car speakers that have high quality and will not disappoint you. We also recommend ALPINE SPR-69 6X9 “SPEAKERS 2-WAY COAXIAL 300W PEAK / 100W RMS for those of you who love great sound and do not damage the contents of your wallet. You can buy these speakers that offer more VFM. This model includes those that have a bass response which is very high and speakers who get complete protection with a beautiful design with peak power handling is 600 Watt and has a frequency of 60 – 29.00 Hz 90 dB sensitivity is supported.

After replacing with a better quality head unit, the car owner must also pay attention to the quality of his sound player media. In addition, the medium. Want an expensive head unit if the inserted compact disc (CD) is ugly just lie. The better CD that you use the original or if you use USB select clean sound recordings, then the results are good.

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