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Clean Bathroom Moss With Some Home Products

The bathroom is a room that is always moist, so moss is a common sight. Moss can grow on walls, floors, edges of tubs, under sinks, and any moist area almost all the time. Besides looking bad, moss can also make the bathroom surface slippery, and even give off an unpleasant odor. Contact carpet cleaning machine rental if you find your bathroom in the circumstances stated. You can also try to get rid of moss with home products that are easily obtained.

The redbrick powder is a traditional way to clean moss and is quite effective for dry surfaces. The trick, crush or crush the brick until you get enough rough powder. Rub it on the mossy surface until it erodes.
The brick powder is suitable for mild moss problems on rough surfaces, such as cement or plaster. This powder is not suitable for moss problems on wet surfaces.

Dishwasher detergent
Dishwasher detergents are suitable for cleaning moss on marble, granite, wood and ceramic surfaces. A detergent solution is also suitable for cleaning wet surfaces, it is very helpful if you can’t wait for the bathroom to dry completely.

Mix detergent with warm water until it is foamy, and rub it firmly into the mossy area. Use a rather hard bathroom brush if the layer of moss is rather thick.

Salt is suitable for eroding moss in areas that are exposed to a lot of outside air, for example near a window, or in tile dividing lines. Dissolve three tablespoons of salt in two liters of warm water. Use this mixture to rub moss.

Just like vinegar, saltwater can also damage bathroom construction materials if left to linger. Immediately flush all traces of moss and saltwater after brushing, until the surface is clean again.

Bleach liquid
Bleach liquid (bleach) for clothes is suitable for cleaning a rather thick layer of moss. Mix a small amount of bleach into a small bucket of water, and rub the moss hard to erode. Don’t forget to keep the air circulation open when you rub the moss

Bleach is hard enough, so it is not suitable for wood. Make sure to clean all moss and traces of bleach to prevent damage in the bathroom.
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