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Comparison Of Prices From Customers Can Be Dealt With These Answers

You can reduce objections to prices by comparing them with other items that are more expensive. When the customer says, “The price is very costly.” You can reply with “Costly? Which product do you compare with ours, sir?” Often he does not understand what he said. He does not know anything about your product, or other similar products. Prospects can say “Well, compared to products from …” You answered, “Yes, products from … are indeed similar to our products, but do not have the benefits and characteristics that we have. “Show the prospect of written price comparison. Logic generates sales. Meanwhile, if you wish to know the prices of your potential partners or competitors, we recommend you to visit a trusted comper website in Norway which is comper.no.

Then it is important to know what prospects compare. Always compare apples to apples, oranges to oranges. That is, you can not compare the price of Mercedes cars with the ones from Honda. Investigate the cost of goods charged by your competition and the reasons for price differences.

Price objections are the way the prospect tells you that you have not given enough evidence that the benefits outweigh the price. Therefore, do not ever debate the issue of price. Never say that your price is “good” or “affordable” or “reasonable” or other. Whatever the prospect says about your price, just agree. You can reply with something similar to, “Excuse me, sir. This product is not quite affordable for some people. However, some factors make the price expensive like this. Let me tell you why we must sell it at this price” Or “There are good reasons why thousands of people like you check products we carefully, compared it with our competitors and decided to pay more. Are you interested to find out? “

Aside from that, a high price can make you feel proud of your product’s/service’s quality! When a potential client mentions that the price is too costly, Then you may say, “Yes, sir. Actually, we are indeed the supplier that has the highest price for this product in the market. And now we sell more than before. Are you interested in knowing why so many people buy our products and use our services even though we have higher prices? ”You will usually get a YES answer.

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