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Cream Is Better Than Lotion In Treating Eczema

Creams and lotions basically have the same water content, but lotions have more water content while the cream is only half, the rest contains oil and emulgators (active ingredients to unite oil and water). The advantage of lotion is that it spreads more easily, absorbs quickly, and is lighter in the skin. You can visit our website to know 3 BEST Eczema Creams For People Suffering From Dry And Itchy Skin – The Finder.

While the cream, thicker than lotion, tends to be oilier than ointment, easily applied to the entire body and quickly seeps into the pores. The cream is also very good to use when temperatures are cold or air-conditioned because the ingredients still keep the skin in a moist state. And certainly the cream helps moisturize dry skin without feeling heavy. Therefore, the cream is highly recommended by dermatologists to be used by children and adults who have a history of eczema, atopic dermatitis, or psoriasis.

The use of moisturizers in the form of cream on a regular basis for eczema users is very important. Because the skin is very dry, rash, cracked, itchy, and painful. For some cases that are quite severe, the use of moisturizers in the form of this cream is needed several times a day. As an example of my child, I wear it 3 times a day, when I finish my morning shower, afternoon bath, and when I want to sleep.

In addition to the use of creams, you should also be careful in maintaining cleanliness of the body, such as changing bath towels regularly, use clothes made from cotton, avoid excessive use of soap, and of course always pay attention to room temperature so that children do not sweat a lot because this is certainly will aggravate eczema.

In addition to using medications for eczema that have been described above, you need to cut your nails. Eczema always causes unbearable itching on the skin. Even so, you are advised not to scratch it. The reason is, scratching eczema can make the skin infected with bacteria. Cut nails to be the best choice to reduce the risk of skin damage. If eczema occurs in infants, give gloves so that scratching does not make the skin hurt.

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