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Deadly Diseases That You Need To Look Out For

There are diseases that can cause death because the body’s organs are damaged or totally lost. There are also diseases that cause death due to complications. This bad condition can happen to everyone especially if they have a bad lifestyle. prayers for recovery and healing can help you be calmer because with the help of prayers from people close to God your life can be more comfortable. The following is a list of the most common deadly diseases:

1. Coronary heart disease
This is the most deadly disease in the world based on the number of deaths of sufferers. Coronary heart disease is caused by narrowing and blockage that occurs in blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the heart. When the heart does not get any supply of oxygen and blood, then this organ will stop functioning.

2. Stroke
A stroke occurs when arteries in the brain are blocked or broken, thus cutting off the supply of blood and oxygen to this organ. If left untreated, brain cells will eventually die, and sufferers can lose their lives.

3. Cancer
Cancer occurs when cells in the body experience abnormalities or mutations, so that it develops out of control. When cancer cells have spread to various organs of the body (metastasis), the sufferer can experience death.

Examples of the types of cancer that cause the most deaths are lung, brain, blood, large intestine, and breast cancer.

4. Tuberculosis (TB)
TB is caused by a bacterial infection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis which attacks the lungs. This disease is easily spread through droplets of saliva released by sufferers through sneezing or coughing. Most deaths from TB occur in poor countries, where the supply of medicines and the level of health care is very limited.

5. Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease characterized by high blood sugar levels in the long run. In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin, usually as a result of being attacked by the body’s own immune system (autoimmune).
Whereas in type 2 diabetes, body cells are not sensitive to insulin, so the function of insulin in reducing blood sugar levels is ineffective even though the amount is sufficient.

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