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Determining a Minimalist Kitchen Paint Color Palette

Kitchen paint color is one of the important elements in the design and appearance of a kitchen. In a minimalist kitchen, white paint is often the main choice because it is considered the most representative of a simple and clean minimalist concept. Even though there is nothing wrong if you apply other colors to a minimalist kitchen. As long as the color match of the kitchen paint is right, a colored minimalist kitchen will look beautiful without leaving its minimalist concept.

To get the right kitchen paint color palette, you need to make several considerations, from determining the candidate paint color choices to matching kitchen equipment colors. For more details, here are some things that can be considered when determining a minimalist kitchen paint color palette on Painting Newcastle.

Pay attention to the existing colors
Determination of minimalist kitchen paint colors can be started by paying attention to the colors on existing objects in the kitchen. You can match the color of the kitchen paint with the color of the existing floors and the color of the kitchen doors and frames. With this equivalent, the color of the kitchen paint will look harmonious and certainly more beautiful.

Match with cabinet colors
The kitchen cabinet can be considered one of the most striking parts of the kitchen. Therefore, matching the paint color of the kitchen on the walls with the color of the cabinet is the easiest thing to get a suitable kitchen color palette. If you have a light-colored cabinet, then choose a darker wall paint to compensate.

Compatible with backsplash
Another kitchen element that you also need to consider is the backsplash. The part of the kitchen that protects the walls from water is usually one of the focal points in the kitchen, so it’s no wonder this section is often designed with attractive colors. You can adjust the color of the kitchen paint from the existing backsplash so that the appearance of the kitchen will match.

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