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Everyday Habits That Trigger Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the complaints that many people feel. Trauma due to an accident or arthritis can indeed cause pain in the neck, but actually, this disease is often caused by daily habits that trigger muscle tension around the neck and shoulders https://www.spinalsolutionsla.com/. This might be the time to check your complaint to your chiropractor north hollywood so they can take appropriate action immediately.

You must recognize what are the habits that make us often complain of aches and pains in the neck.

1. Sit in the wrong position
A study has revealed, 45 percent of office workers suffer from chronic neck pain. Computers are one of the causes. Try to sit upright in a chair that supports ergonomics. Set an alarm that reminds us to stand up, change sitting position, or do a short stretch every 30-40 minutes.

2. Obsession with smartphones
Writing conversational messages or commenting on nonstop social media doesn’t just make your hand muscles ache. Every time you bow to the gadget, the pressure in the neck muscles is very large. Reduce time staring at the gadget and do stretches periodically, to reduce complaints of aches in the neck.

3. Smoking habits
The range of diseases triggered by smoking continues to grow, including chronic neck pain. Smoking will dehydrate the muscle pads in the back and neck, thus speeding up the aging process. The aging process ultimately causes various disorders and stresses that disrupt the function of the spine. Smoking also makes blood vessels harden and tense so that oxygen intake to the surrounding area is reduced.

4. Sleeping position
The wrong sitting or sleeping position trigger neck pain, but this can get worse if you drink alcohol too often. Each person will naturally change their sleeping position several times overnight. But people who drink alcohol usually change their sleeping position less.

As a result, the body can be in an uncomfortable position for the muscles long enough. No wonder if we wake up we will complain of aches. Other sleeping habits that need to be improved are using too many pillows, wearing too soft pillows, and a mattress that is not hard, which can make the natural curve of the neck and head disturbed.

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