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Five Steps Of Planning Home Theater Room

Without help from audio video solutions corporation, it will be hard to get the best home theater you wanted. So here is a guide to calculating and planning a home theater room. It consists of 5 steps, including:

1. Positioning. In this step what needs to be adjusted is the optimal sitting position, the location of the speakers, and the equipment. After that set the delay and volume for each channel.

2. Determine the point of reflection. The sound that reaches our ears apart from coming from the speakers also comes from the reflection of the walls, floor, and ceiling. To determine the point of reflection you can use a mirror and the help of friends. Mark points on the walls, floor, and ceiling where you are sitting if you can see the speakers. At this point, you will need damping material.

3. Counting the echo character of the room. You can test the echo in the room with a clap. (how much bounce and how many times)
First: Calculate the volume of your room.
Second: Make a table of wall/floor/ceiling surface area.
Third: Make a table of surface area x reflection coefficient of each material.
Fourth: Create a room echo character graphic.

4. Acoustic planning. Unfortunately, each material surface has a different reflection/absorption character. In general, low tones tend to be reflected by all types of materials and if we use dampers on the entire wall, floor, and ceiling what happens is the energy dissipation for high notes and low notes are less muffled. Therefore, proper acoustic planning is needed so that excessive frequencies are absorbed (absorb) and fewer frequencies are spread (diffuser).

5. Design planning. In doing acoustic planning, don’t forget about planning the theme of the room, colors, lighting effects, and sofas. For the color of the walls, you should use a slightly darker color to avoid distortion of the projector.

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