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Get to Know CO2 Fire Extinguisher

As the name implies, a CO² fire extinguisher is a fire extinguishing system that utilizes carbon dioxide or CO² to extinguish fires. This fire extinguisher is used specifically to extinguish fires related to flammable liquids or objects that are electrified. As long as there is no oxygen, the fire will not be able to burn and spread to the room or to other places. But the earth is a planet that is always filled with oxygen. Therefore, to remove oxygen from the area around the fire, you need a fire extinguisher containing this carbon dioxide. That way before the fire spreads to other places, carbon dioxide will first fill the space around the fire source. That is one of the functions of a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. Because apparently, not all fires can be extinguished with water effectively. Because if a fire occurs at a gas station or a place filled with flammable oil, water will not be able to dissolve the oil. Instead, water will make oil rise to the surface and create a sea of ​​fire that is increasingly dangerous and easily spreads to other spaces. Use fire extinguisher inspection service to check your fire extinguisher.

As previously stated, the use of a CO² fire extinguishing system is to extinguish class B and D fires. Or more specifically, fires that originate from burning chemical liquids, flammable liquids, electronic goods, and due to short circuits in cables or machines that are still running. electrified.

For this reason, CO² extinguishers are usually placed in areas where class B and D fires can be ignited. For example, gas stations, gas tanks in buildings, server rooms, laboratories, kitchens in restaurants, or warehouses where flammable oil is stored. That’s why you rarely see CO² fire extinguishers in public places, even in hospitals where there are lots of flammable liquids. Because this type of fire extinguisher should not be placed carelessly. Based on the applicable regulations, CO² extinguishers may only be placed in rooms with engine contents or objects that are associated with high-voltage electricity or rooms filled with flammable liquids. In addition, CO² fire extinguishers are also always given a special sign. Namely the black label on the fire extinguisher tube and the funnel which is slightly different from fire extinguishers in general.

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