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Good Things You Can Get From Shiitake

Shiitake can strengthen your immune system. Evidenced by a study that observed the activity of dried shitake mushrooms on respondents who experienced inflammation. After a month, the inflammation started to heal, indicating that their immunity had improved. Allegedly, the polysaccharide content in shitake mushrooms is responsible for this effect. The human immune system tends to weaken with age but a study conducted on mice revealed that a shiitake-based supplement can help reverse immune functions that weaken with age.

Apart from that, here are the good things you can get from shiitake mushrooms which is one of the superfoods list 2021:

Manage blood sugar levels
Diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar levels. To manage blood sugar levels to be stable, a special healthy diet is needed for diabetics. Shitake mushrooms contain low carbohydrates and sugar and have antidiabetic activity. The high vitamin B content in shitake mushrooms can reduce glucose levels in the blood. In a 2015 study, it was revealed that shiitake mushroom extract, compared to its activity with the diabetes drug metformin, was found to be effective in reducing hyperglycemia and inducing insulin secretion.

Protect heart health
Three compounds contained in shitake mushrooms are believed to protect heart health. Erythadenine content can inhibit an enzyme involved in producing cholesterol. In addition, sterols can inhibit cholesterol absorption in the intestine. The beta-glucan in shiitake is also a fiber that can lower cholesterol. The three of them maintain cholesterol levels in the body and protect heart health.

Maintain brain health
Shiitake mushrooms are a food source that is rich in B vitamins. B vitamins are known to naturally balance hormones and aid thought processes by maintaining concentration, and even improving brain cognitive performance. In a study, it was stated that people who are deficient in B vitamins become less energized, have unhealthy blood cells, and have difficulty concentrating. You can avoid these various conditions by adding shiitake mushrooms to your diet.

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