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Handling Table Saw

In woodworking, the existence of the table saw is something desirable. Even though this machine is one of the most important tools in the project many are hesitant because of the price, especially the one that will work with bosch gts1031 dado blade. The price of the table saw varies greatly and so far the price still determines quality. Therefore, you should adjust it to your needs, and look for brands that have been tested so that they have durability, durability, and the most important is the level of accuracy. The better the table saw, the more complete the additional accessories, such as an extension table to extend the cutting area, angle protractor, push stick, and other accessories.

But there are also parts of the machine that you need to pay attention to. The rip fence is a dividing board to determine the size of the field of wood to be cut. Therefore, make sure the fence rails are straight, easy to move, and certainly accurate. It’s best to check with a ruler to ensure accuracy. You also need to watch for the bevel angles. Table Saw has the advantage of being able to cut with a variety of bevel Spiers from 0-45 degrees. Therefore, try to tilt the saw at various angles and if necessary, also check it using a protective device.

However, like using any other machines, you also need to protect yourself with preventive actions. Remove all trinkets on the hands or other body parts (rings, watches or necklaces). All of these accessories have the potential to cause danger to you. Try to have a short haircut or tie your hair so that it does not flow. Don’t clean the engine dust or brush directly with your hands, especially when the engine is running. Use other tools such as a broom or mop. Do not use an air gun (compressed air) to clean dust from your body or the machine. The power of the wind will simply make the dust fly carelessly and this will threaten the sights and breathing of you and another machine worker. It’s better to use a dust collector. Avoid talking or interacting with operators who are running wood machinery.

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