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Hemp Oil, Essential Oil that Makes Your Skin Clean

If you talk about essential oils, then there will be no end. Not only seen based on the manufacturing material but also the benefits provided. Well, this time it doesn’t hurt to peek at the usefulness of hemp seed oil. This one essential oil is the result of extraction from hemp seeds. The distinctive aroma that smells like peanuts not only makes you feel more relaxed but can also be used to maintain and care for skin health. Here are some of the benefits of hemp oil from NatreLeaf.

1. Stimulates skin regeneration
Reporting from the Living page, hemp seed oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 which are good for treating skin health. In fact, the two fatty acids act as natural moisturizers which also stimulate the formation of a protective layer on the surface of the skin. The content of two fatty acids in hemp oil also makes the skin regenerate faster so the skin looks cleaner and healthier.

2. Keep the skin moist
Not only does it stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells, but hemp oil also appears to contain a fairly high moisturizer. No wonder this one oil is used as a reference to overcome the problem of dry skin or excessive breakout.

3. Increase Skin Elasticity
Who would have thought if the use of hemp oil could also increase skin elasticity? No wonder this one oil can be used for you who are starting to feel the symptoms of saggy skin. Especially if the age has entered the 30’s.

4. Prevent Psoriasis
Psoriasis is a skin disease that often absorbs anyone. Not only does it cause itching and pain in the skin, but psoriasis also triggers breakouts. One natural way to overcome this is to use hemp oil. The content of omega-6 in it can lock the moisture of skin cells which also increases oxygen intake in skin cells.

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