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How to Choose a Quality Printing Mug

In addition to clear glass, various kinds of mugs are increasingly popular as drinking containers in our daily lives. One reason is the beautiful, modern and contemporary design. You can even choose your own mug design according to taste. No need to order a lot, many digital press service providers provide unit services for mug design. If you intend to buy several sets of printed mugs to complement your dining furniture at promotionalitems.me. Know in advance the following things.

Here are some things to consider in choosing a quality printing mug. To avoid disappointment because the product you are buying turns out to be of poor quality, here are some important things for you to look at.

Basic white color
If you want your drinking equipment to always look new and beautiful you should choose a white base color. The color will give the impression of goods that are new, far from dull, or dirty.

Mug Coating
You should choose a printed mug product coated especially if you want to print designs or drawings as you wish. Mug products with this coating will facilitate the printed images perfectly and neatly. Another advantage is the image is not easy to fade and fade and gives an exclusive impression because the surface of the mug looks glossy.

Safety for health
Because it will be used for drinking containers or maybe other food, the mug that you buy should have a composition of ingredients that are safe for the body or have a food-grade guarantee. In addition, for products with images or designs, choose the one that applies a decal screen printing system with one of the stages of processing is burning in an oven at 750 degrees Celsius. High temperatures on the combustion will make any image or design absorbed perfectly so that the image will not fade.

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