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How To Overcome Damaged Hair And Characteristics Of It

Even though your hair has been damaged, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to treat it and get its beauty back. The most appropriate way is to go to the best hair salon Prescott AZ to restore the beauty of your hair. The most common cause of damaged hair is the result of daily lifestyle. That means, changing certain lifestyles, especially in terms of hair care, can help you overcome the problem of damaged hair that haunts you. Some ways to maintain healthy hair that you can follow include:

• Always use hair oil or products that can nourish the hair before styling. That way, your hair will not be exposed to direct heat from the dryer.
• Regularly cut hair to “remove” the damaged hair.
• Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
• Do not shampoo too often, especially if you have dry hair.

How to determine the characteristics of damaged hair
Sometimes, some people do have the type of hair that is thick and coarse, but not damaged. This may make it difficult for you to distinguish whether what you are experiencing is really a sign of damaged hair. There are several easy ways to test whether your hair is really damaged or not, namely:

1. Tensile test
As the name suggests, a tug test, also known as a tug test, is performed by pulling your hair strands to check their elasticity. Healthy hair, when wet, is usually able to extend as much as 30% of its actual hair length without breaking. Try holding a few strands of wet hair with your thumb and forefinger and then pulling them out. If it breaks immediately, there is a possibility that the signs you are experiencing are characteristics of damaged hair.

2. Soak the hair strands
Brittle hair occurs because the hair cuticle is broken and damaged. This leaves the inside of the hair unprotected. Severely damaged hair is usually able to absorb more water because the “outer gate” of the hair is open. If you soak it in water, the damaged hair becomes 12-18 percent heavier. You can try putting a few strands of your hair in the water. Hair that stays afloat indicates that your hair cuticles are still healthy.

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