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How To Reduce Risk Of Dog Bites

As human best friend people love dogs as their company. But not a few scared of the animal. People’s fear of dogs is inseparable from the stigma that assesses the animal is sometimes bite humans and carry the rabies virus when bitten. But the risk of dog bites is not only the disease but it could also cost you a lot to carry out the medical treatment and the damage you suffer after the attack. You need to use a dog bite attorney to help you in legal action to assure the compensation you deserve.

But there are things you could do to reduce the risk of more serious harm and damage in a dog attack. When someone is bitten by a dog, don’t hit the dog. Beatings or screams can be considered as a form of support for the dog. If you are bitten, don’t beat or shouted at the dog, because it is considered to support. When you are bitten by dogs you must use a piece of iron or wood and put it in their mouth to release the bite. Someone who is bitten by a dog should try not to panic and not fight. The goal, to minimize rips from these bites. When you are bitten by a dog, try to calm down, don’t fight because the resistance will only add to the torn wound, especially if the dog is doing a shaking motion.

Some dogs only bite once and then released and some do not want to take a bite. When that happens there must be someone who assists such as separating the dog’s mouth with a part of the body that is bitten with an iron or wood. Usually, dogs aim at the arms and legs to be bitten. However, not a few dogs like pitbull who are eyeing the neck to be bitten. If the bite is loose and not too severe, someone can rinse it with alcohol and treat it by applying for medicine. Meanwhile, a person can wash a bite wound with alcohol and then go straight to the hospital if the wound is severe enough and deep. Rinse immediately with alcohol and then go straight to the hospital and also get an injection to prevent rabies.

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