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Is Your Home Garage Moist? 4 These Dangers Can Be Lurking!

Ideally, the garage at home serves to store and protect the vehicle from the weather around. Like other rooms in the house, over time, the condition of the garage can decline. Roofs are broken, leaks, broken floors, and even walls can get damp. Apparently, the condition of the humid garage can cause danger that lurks in the garage, including private vehicles such as cars and motorcycles home water damage restoration. Very dangerous right? You should immediately look for water damage restoration service in your area so that the danger that lurks can be overcome immediately.
Here are some of the damage that a moist garage can cause.

1. The Rust Process of the Vehicle Engine Becomes Faster
Rainwater or dust contained in the body of our vehicle can accelerate the rusting process. Dew at night is quite dangerous.

This is all caused by the acid found in rainwater, the hot weather of the night sundew which can endanger our vehicles. Then, the humid air helps the mold to develop faster and can damage the engine of the vehicle.

2. Wooden Trinkets Watched by Mushrooms
Mushrooms like damp and dark places. One of their favorite places to nest is a garage in the house. Mushrooms will lurk and make trinkets in the garage become mold, especially those made of fast wood. This is caused by mold.

A mold is a group of filamentous fungi that are commonly found in wet foods or materials. Actually, they grow naturally outdoors. But when indoors, especially those made of wood, these fungi will grow faster.

3. Cracked Walls Triggering Mold
If a lot of the garage wall of the house begins to show crack lines or black spots appear. That’s a sign of the garage wall of the house that has been exposed to mold!

Not only damage the appearance, but this mold can also make the walls of the house gradually fragile and fall slowly. In addition to the humid room conditions, the following are other factors causing moldy walls:
– Walls are exposed to water seepage.
– Buildings are in a wet environment
– Lack of air circulation in a room
– Dust that sticks to the wall surface

4. Attacked by Termites
When the garage at home becomes humid, then that is where the termites will come. Moreover, many trinkets in the garage that use materials made of wood. That way, the hordes of termites will certainly be lurking in your garage.

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