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Men Must Know These Types Of Sweatshirts That Can Make Them Look Stylish

Do you like to wear a sweatshirt? Indeed, these clothes provide many benefits. Besides, to warm the body and look tidier, sweatshirts can also give a manly impression. Fortunately, the sweatshirt is not as formal as a suit, so men can use it for daily activities. The popularity of the sweatshirt is even higher in the two-season area. Is it because the appearance it gives greatly impresses people? However, if you want to impress people, even more, you might want to make your own sweatshirt so you can wear a very unique one.

There are various sweatshirt types that can make men look trendy. If you want to wear a sweatshirt but still look stylish and attractive, here are some different types of models you can use:

Crew Neck or O Neck

Judging from the name alone it is very clear if the neck of this sweatshirt is in the form of the letter O. This type is the most commonly used sweatshirt by the public because it’s simple and easy to mix with other clothes. Even this type of sweatshirt is also suitable for use in formal events, namely matching with a shirt as an inner or pants material.

V neck

Inversely related to the type O Neck, the V Neck has a neck shape like the letter V. Both of these types are equally suitable to wear in formal or casual events. You can also wear it together with a shirt for an official look. Or you can also combine with a blazer or suit to make it more classy. Complete with leather or oxford shoes to create a classy style, then sneakers or sandals to get a casual look.


This type of sweatshirt is very popular in the era of the 90s. However, in fact, now turtlenecks are back on the trend and are often the idols of young people. Something that smells old-fashioned aka old school will create a classy impression. Coupled with a high neck will help the body to stay warm. To attend a formal event, you can combine it with a blazer or suit. If you want a more casual one, you can pair them with chino pants or jeans.

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