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Moldavite and the Zodiac: Inner Vision Crystals Gets Witty About Which Signs Can Wear This Cosmic Gem

Anyone interested in astrology or who loves gemstones may wonder if they can wear moldavite stone regardless of their sign. As usual, the solution is intricate. However, inner Vision Crystals are here to deconstruct it with a fair amount of humor – check this out!

First things first: it is said that the stone moldavite has a powerful, transformational energy, not for those with weak hearts. As a result, if you’re not prepared for a possibly turbulent voyage, some astrologers advise avoiding wearing moldavite. Yet, a few zodiac signs are thought to be particularly suited for people who are prepared to embrace the energetic qualities of moldavite.

Scorpio is one astrological sign that is frequently linked to moldavite. This water sign is known for its passionate feelings, which makes moldavite’s intense energy an excellent fit for it. In addition, Scorpios are also considered natural transformers, making them a good match for Moldavite’s transforming abilities.

Aquarius is another astrological sign that could work well with moldavite. This air sign’s eccentric and innovative nature is well recognized, and Aquarians are known for their appreciation of the unexpected. Thus moldavite’s extraterrestrial origins may appeal to them. Also, Aquarians have a propensity for spiritual and metaphysical activities, which makes moldavite intriguing as a stone of transition.

What about the other zodiac signs, though? Inner Vision Crystals have amusing comments about those better suited for Moldavite. Moldavite’s energy, for instance, may be overwhelming for the practical and grounded Taurus; “It’s a touch too ‘out there’ for them,” observes Inner Vision Crystals. Also, the powerful energy of moldavite may be difficult for the sensitive and emotional Cancer to handle since, for them, “it’s like drinking a triple dose of espresso.”

Of course, it’s essential to remember that each person is different and could respond to moldavite differently. Therefore, choosing to wear moldavite (or any other gemstone) is ultimately personal.

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