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Numerology Methods in Psychic Reading

Numerology in divination applied by the psychic in gilbert is a science that studies numbers (date of birth) to determine a person’s character, fate, potential, destiny, life journey, compatibility between individuals, and strengths and weaknesses of a person.

The reading of a person’s character and potential life potential with Numerology can almost be said to be 90% accurate because the calculations carried out are a bit complex involving a person’s identity.

Numerology uses a person’s date of birth and name to read and analyze a person’s life journey and fortune. Numbers on the date of birth are known to have certain vibrations and greatly affect the course of a person’s life. While Numerology names use names that are converted into numbers.

Every human being has a unique character that can be seen from the date of birth. Names also have an important role in determining a person’s character and destiny. A balanced combination of name and date of birth is needed so that it gets a balanced and good vibration.

You must have heard that old people often come to psychics or “smart people” to change the name of their child who is often sick or unruly. It is no coincidence that after the name was changed the child became healthier and more manageable.

Every country or culture has its own approach to how to apply this knowledge. Some of them are Pythagorean Numerology or what is often called western Numerology or modern Numerology studying the life path of a person, the number of destiny and the number of a person’s soul. Gematria Numerology or Hebrew Numerology focuses more on the equivalence of phrases and numerical letters to study the relationship between words and ideas. The numerical similarity is not a coincidence, how each word or phrase has an implied meaning.

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