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The main problem in the spiritual development of modern humans today is that many people who do not have time to be silent, silent in prayer. They are so busy with various events, both recreational and business. Many people feel that seven days a week is always not enough for their assignment. Even often, one day in twenty-four hours is still considered lacking. So often they don’t have time for family, for themselves and what else for God. Sunday, which should be a special day to glorify the name of God, to meet with God the Father personally becomes expensive and rare. Many families use and use it as an opportunity to relax with family. However, when we or our relatives are sick we rely on prayer to get through hardship and you could use a miracle healing prayer request.

According to spirituality experts, life without reflection becomes empty and dry. Because the depth of spiritual life is greatly influenced by one’s ability to deepen the sensitivity and awareness of God’s presence in life and graces that are received daily. And all this is possible if someone has time for self-reflection in silence and calm with God in prayer. If every Christian has an opportunity like this, we will meet less and less among us, people who feel they know a lot of Christian teachings, but become blind fanatics. Or people who are ‘ignorant’ and don’t feel the need to pray and go to church, because after all God can be found everywhere. Or people who think that salvation is not determined by the activity of someone praying or going to church.

According to understanding, meditation is a continuous awareness of God’s presence in life. Meditation is’ an unbroken flow of thoughts towards the object of concentration’. In this meditation we want to enter into the experience of God, unite and unite in His presence, not just thinking and feeling God based on this understanding there are several benefits of meditation that help humans to find peace, happiness, and harmony in true life.

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