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Several Functions of General Marketing

With the presence of General marketing, the consumers do not have to meet their needs individually. Due to the exchange with the perpetrators of marketing, consumers can meet the needs and satisfaction with getting the product or service. You can read the review here. There are some of the functions of general marketing for a company which are as follows:

a. Exchange function
With marketing, consumers can buy the products that come from the manufacturer either by exchanging money with a product or exchange the product with the product for their own use or for resale.

b. Physical distribution function
Physical distribution of the product is done by transporting and storing products. Products derived from the manufacturers will meet the needs of consumers and channelled by land, water or air. Then the product storage is done by depositing and keeping the supply of products in order to avoid shortages in times of need.

c. Intermediary function
To be able to deliver products from producers to consumers is done through the intermediary of marketing or marketing that connects exchange activity with physical distribution. The activities of the intermediary functions include finance, information retrieval, grouping products, etc.

As for some other functions of the marketing division of the company, they are usually as follows:

a. Marketing acts as sales
The main task of marketing is usually that generate income for the company by selling the product produced by the company.

b. Marketing acts as a promotion
That marketing serves to introduce the company and the products it produces to the public so that the company and its products can be known.

c. Marketing as research and development
Marketing also serves as an absorber of various kinds of information and presents it to the relevant company on what is beneficial to support quality improvement and sales of products produced by the company.

d. The role of the marketing as the embodiment of the concept of marketing communication
The role of marketing can contribute to creating a good relationship between the company and the community or the company and the surrounding environment.

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