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Start Archery Equipment Maintenance Now To Make It Last Long

Never dry your bow. In other words, don’t pull it back and release the string without the arrow on it. Without the weight of the arrow on the strings, the shock of the string becoming tense could cause your bow to break into a million pieces. Don’t pull your bowstring back. This may surprise you who knows, there is a big problem with stringing your recurve back to shoot it. The strings will pop, and that’s even worse than firing your bow dry. It will cause your bow to break. Meanwhile, if you need some new strings for your recurve bow, we recommend you buy some of the finest Olympic recurve bowstrings for maximum quality and durability.

Then. use a stringer to tie your bow. Using a stringer is the safest way to string your bow. Your bow is less likely to hurt, and you are less likely to be injured if you use a striker.

Untie the bowstring when you’re not using it. That is unless your bow is fiberglass. If you have a fiberglass bow, there’s nothing wrong with leaving it hanging all the time. But if your bow uses natural material on your back and stomach, you should take it off when not in use.

Now, you may be wondering exactly when you need to parse it. It’s an appraisal call. You can leave the bow hanging all day if you want. Remember that every time you tie or untie your bow, you are taking a bit of a risk.

Most arc failures occur when stringing or not moving. So if you’re going to shoot your bow and keep going during the day, be it. But, you know, if you’re going to go five hours without shooting it, then just let it go.

Replace your string if it looks outdated. If your strap looks old and worn, replace it. Strings are cheap, especially if you make them yourself. It’s better to change strings than to replace your bow because it broke because the string broke.

If you have any doubts about the condition of your string, just replace it. Keep a candle on it too, as that will make it last longer. Wax not only holds the strings together but also protects them from moisture.

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