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The Definitive Guide to Using Your Combi Oven for Air Frying

Due to its capacity to produce crispy and delicious food without deep frying, air frying has grown in popularity as a cooking method. But can you air fry in a combi oven? https://www.rotaryana.com/reputable-commercial-kitchen-equipment-combi-oven-in-indonesia/!

The following are the procedures for air frying in your combi oven:

Set the Oven to the Desired Temperature First, set the combi oven to the desired temperature. Preheating your Oven to about 400°F for most air-frying recipes would be best.

Convection mode should be used.
Next, select the convection setting on your combi oven. A crispy and delectable exterior is produced by circulating hot air over the food in this environment.

Utilize a basket or rack.
If you want to air fry food in your combi oven, you must use a rack or basket that enables the hot air to circulate over the food. Ensure your food is placed on the shelf or basket in a single layer without touching any other food.

Prepare Your Meal
It’s time to start cooking after your Oven is ready and your food is placed. The cooking times will change depending on the recipe and the item you’re air frying. To make sure that your food is cooking evenly, check it occasionally.

Take your food out of the Oven when fully cooked, and enjoy!

Compared to conventional air fryers, using a combi oven for air frying has a few advantages. One difference is that combi ovens can air fry more food at once because they are larger than most air fryers. Combi ovens also have a steam function, allowing you to cook perfectly crispy and juicy foods in a single appliance.

In conclusion, using a combi oven to air fry is feasible and remarkably simple. Adhere to these easy instructions, and you’ll soon be savoring crispy and delectable meals.

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