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The Right Way Cleaning Tiles

Everyone wants a clean and healthy home. The sparkling floor is a reflection of a clean house. However, dirt and stains can make floor tiles look dirty and difficult to clean. Clean tiles will certainly provide its comfort, which is why you must know how to clean crusty tiles the right way even without professional tile cleaning machines


services. Although it looks very simple and simple, it turns out that this bathroom cleaning process requires a fairly long step. Many chemical products offer floor tile cleaning solutions. But this method may not be the right solution because over time the chemicals can wear off the original color of the tile. The main thing to do is choose to use cleansers from natural ingredients.


There are natural ways to make the floor shiny and clean. The first one is ammonia. Take a bucket of hot water and add about one to four cups of ammonia. Soak a mop in this solution and then squeeze it dry. The method used is the same as mopping in general. Ammonia can also be the best solution for floor tiles that have stubborn yellow stains. You can also use vinegar. Take a bucket of hot water and mix the water with white vinegar. The vinegar will help to clean the floor tiles and make them smell good. Mopping tiled floors with a vinegar solution can remove grease stains from floor tiles.

If the floor tiles leave hard stains that are difficult to remove, baking soda is the best solution for cleaning them. The way that can be done is to take an equal amount of hot water and baking soda. Mix the two ingredients into a thick paste. Then take a toothbrush and apply the paste on the stained floor tiles. Repeat this method until the floor tiles are completely stain-free. Take some dish soap and place it in a bucket of water. Use it to clean oil stains on tile floors. Clean the tile floor with a soft sponge to make it shine.

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