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The Truth of Services Is from Our Clients

Every time one of our customers chooses us as their digital marketing partner, we hear real reviews about King Kong agency results. The proudest moments for King Kong are when we help other companies and organizations raise their degree of embracement.

King Kong believes in the success of their clients, and they offer a variety of resources and experience to help them achieve it, including digital marketing, SEO, and website design. The best part is that they have a committed crew that is flexible and responsive. I’m sincerely appreciative of all the work they’ve done to make our business successful today.

The King Kong team is a group of extraordinarily gifted and enthusiastic individuals that have done an outstanding job assisting clients in establishing a digital presence in the local market. They consistently meet the demands and expectations of their clients because they are responsive, adaptable, and forward-thinking. Over the years of its operation, working with them has in fact been a pleasure.

King Kong not only managed a single corporate account for our client company, but our customer is happy to entrust all of our companies, including the most recent addition of a F&B institution, to them. When a client’s internal marketing falls short, they are the ones who step in and offer workable alternatives for new marketing materials and concepts. They are an extended arm that takes care of client business around-the-clock, even while the client account manager was on urgent occasion in Australia and still responding to social media messages!

Fantastic experience dealing with the King Kong staff! They always offer customer suggestions to enhance their web presence in the food and beverage sector and are usually highly responsive. A big benefit because we don’t have to worry about customer SEO and SEM because they handled it so well. Without a doubt, I’ll suggest King Kong digital marketing agency!

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