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The Use of Psilocybin Gains Popularity

More people use microdoses of psilocybin and buy mushrooms to improve their mood, which is attracting the interest of businesspeople and researchers. The hallucinogenic component of magic mushrooms is called psilocybin, and despite the fact that it is prohibited, there is a booming online mushroom industry. Scientists are paying more attention to psilocybin and are exploring employing it as a depression treatment.

Over the coming months, the mental health specialist will begin a controlled trial with close to 100 participants, who will be monitored for five weeks. People with chronic depressive illness, low-grade anxiety, and depression will all be included in the trial to see how microdoses of psilocybin affect them.

In microdosing capsules, the dosage of magic mushroom powder varies from 50 to 300 mg. Additionally, psilocybin, a psychedelic, is present. At a full dose or 10 times that amount, the most familiar psychedelic effects start to appear.

The general public first learned about microdosing in stories from some news and magazines between 2018 and 2020. The phrase was formerly solely used by people who were familiar with Silicon Valley and psychedelics. Social media discussions on the subject have never been more active, and since 2018, the number of people participating in these discussions on Reddit has increased sevenfold.

As interest rises, online retailers are flourishing. Everyone agrees that prices are being lowered by the competition in order to draw in customers. Tally began selling magic mushrooms in April, after working in the cannabis sector for several years, inspired by the improvement in her mental health they had given her.

The claims made by internet retailers about mood enhancement, creativity development, and stress reduction have not yet been scientifically substantiated. There is not a lot of data in the scientific literature at this time, but there are multiple reports in the grey literature, on forums or social media groups, indicating this microdosing phenomenon may have favorable short- or medium-term effects on mental health.

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