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There Are 9 Functions Of Fences In General

You also have to know that the fence also has several functions and this you need to know because it is very important. So that all of you are not wrong in choosing the material and are not wrong in applying the fence for beauty, precaution, security, decoration, and others. Apart from that, if you specifically need some fences for securing your construction zone, you can call the Heras fencing hire company near your area hirein.

Generally, there are 9 functions offenses:

1. Safety Fence

This safety fence is often used and used for the security of an area, and needs to be made high, and equipped with a safety padlock so that only the key and key holder can enter, or the fence is made on top of which there are broken glass and spikes.

2. Ornamental / Aesthetic Fence

This aesthetic/decorative fence is only used and used to beautify a building either for the exterior or interior of the building.

3. Ownership Guardrail

Land ownership guardrails are usually used and used for land boundaries with neighbors, public facilities, sidewalks, sewers, roads, and others.

4. Fence for Cover View

The fence covers / closes the view from outside the area so that we and others cannot see the activities of family and other people in the yard. Sometimes some people design a fence using polycarbonate to cover the fence.

5. Decorative Fence

This decorative fence is common and is often used to beautify an area, for example, to put flower pots or ornamental plants, or directly plant ornamental trees, so it needs to be designed in such a way especially to design this function.

6. Light Fence

These light fences are often and are commonly used and used to put planting lamps or decorative lamps.

7. Trash Fence

This garbage bin fence is usually used frequently and is devoted to the side of the fence for the trash can.

8. Fence Means Post Letter

This postal mailing fence is usually used and used for postal mail which is usually equipped with a post box especially for receiving incoming mail.

9. Fence for Advertising Facilities / Brochures

The fence for advertising/brochures is usually used and used to post advertisements, although often its presence is not wanted by us / the owner of the area.

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