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These 4 Unexpected Things Might Happen During Your Wedding

All vendors have been ordered, the wedding dress is ready, you just have to say a loyal promise together with your partner. However, how do you have to prepare yourself emotionally when there are obstacles that come on the wedding day? On the other hand, before we continue, you may check out Tuscan Gardens if you’re looking for a high-quality wedding venue.

Here are 4 unexpected things that might happen on your wedding day and how to overcome them:

1. Delay

Even though everything is set up perfectly, there are always events that make time calculations too late. Whether because of the makeup time that is longer than the previous schedule, the headman or pastor affected by traffic jams, to a schedule that is too crowded.
To overcome this, make sure you get up early so that you can help overcome problems that might occur.

2. Not Going Perfectly

Some things might not go according to plan, for example, the wedding decoration process is delayed because the building has just been used for another reception a few hours ago, or maybe the location of the table is not as you ordered.
If this happens don’t panic, you just need to take a deep breath and remember that not everyone pays attention to details like you.

3. Lost appetite

You might feel very busy and very restless, so even sitting and putting something in your mouth doesn’t feel good. But don’t let this overwhelm you. At the very least, eat breakfast practically like bread, small pastry or cut fruit.

Do not leave an empty stomach, because you will spend all day at parties that spend a lot of energy.

4. You May Want to Cry

Very natural if the bride and groom want to cry on her wedding day, and sometimes not just crying. Sometimes you really want to cry frustrated because of the insistent pressure in preparing everything and make it perfect.

Stay relaxed, and when you feel like crying, calm yourself. You can share stories with friends who become a bridesmaid. Don’t forget to use waterproof makeup so that your makeup doesn’t get messy.

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