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These 5 Tips Can Help You Prevent Bluntness And Rust On Your Knives

If you often cook, chances are that we will often use a kitchen knife for various purposes. When used frequently, the sharpness of the blade will also decrease. There are even times when a knife will easily rust if it is not treated properly. That’s why if you want to find high-quality steel knives that won’t get blunt or rust easily, you may want to read some Kamikoto reviews.

Here are 5 ways to make the kitchen knife durable so they won’t get rusty easily:

1. Use according to function

Each form of knife often has a different function. So try as much as possible to always use the right knife, for fruit, meat or general food ingredients. If you forcefully use a certain type of knife to cut food ingredients that are not suitable with it, you can expect that the knife won’t cut it easily, and there’s also a risk for the knife to suffer some damage.

2. Wash and dry after use

After finishing cooking, don’t just put the knife. Immediately rub and wash thoroughly with a dishwashing sponge, then dry with a cloth. In addition to maintaining cleanliness, frequent contact with a lot of food will quickly damage the knife.

3. Sharpen your knife often

At least once a month the knife needs to be sharpened, according to usage. Always provide a whetstone at home if at any time the knife feels blunt. Remember that a blunt knife increases the risk of an accident, due to it might slip from the surface of ingredients easily.

4. Don’t store it in a humid place

After using and washing it clean, do not store the knife in a humid place. Try to store it in an area that is easily exposed to air but not exposed to direct sunlight.

5. Use a wooden cutting board

Note the cutting board that is used, it would be better if you use a knife to cut on a wooden base, not a stone or metal base because such a base accelerates the blade so it is blunt.

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