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These Are Rules In Furnace Cleaning Process

Sooner or later, every housewife must clean the furnaces, because they are easily contaminated with liquid (powder) and soft detergent that falls on them, which clean the surface of the burner during cleaning. The hotplate of an electric burner with a spiral heater and the gas burner splitter is the most difficult. Additionally, if you don’t know how to reinstall some parts of your furnace after you’ve cleaned it thoroughly, you can always call some of the trusted furnace installation experts near your area.

Cleaning the furnace must always be done during general cleaning in the kitchen. In order not to harm the element, you need to know and follow the cleaning rules. For all furnaces, they are one and sound like this:

When cleaning removable and non-removable furnaces, the appliance must be completely detached from the heat source: gas or electricity.
The ring must be completely dry and cold.
Use only detergents that have been approved for cleaning.
It is strictly forbidden to pour water, alcohol, and solvents into the furnace nozzle! Liquid detergent to dissolve fat is also taboo!
In any case, you should not use a metal brush (wire) to clean and wash any furnaces. They hurt the surface, therefore, fat, dirt and soot will fill micropores faster.

After cleaning and washing the burner, it needs to be dried. Using tools with undrained gas diffusers can cause unexpected situations: people suffocation or the risk of explosion in the room. The cause of this problem is that the gas will not burn completely, and the room will be filled with excess gas.

It is not possible to heat a wet electric furnace on the grounds that water droplets will explode in a direct sense and destroy layers of disks and spiral sheaths. For the same reason, wet induction panels cannot be used.

That’s it for the info about furnaces that we can share with you this time. Although this article is not long, we believe it can help you to know more about furnaces and the way to maintain them.

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