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These Are Some Of The Best Bedsheets Materials For Your Bed

Egyptian cotton is one of the best types of cotton in the world. Bedsheets made from Egyptian cotton are usually above 600 thread count, but there are also some up to 1000 thread count. egyptian cotton sheets come from cotton trees from the region of Egypt with the size of the resulting fiber is very long, so that when spun this type of fabric is very soft, smooth and has a higher strength.

In addition to Egyptian cotton, Japanese cotton fabrics come from Japan’s cherry country. Japanese cotton has a composition of 100% cotton derived from cotton trees grown in Japan, even some of them use organic farming systems. Therefore, sheets that use Japanese cotton are relatively more expensive.

The high prices of Japanese cotton bed sheets are comparable to the quality offered. Japanese cotton bed sheets are very cool, soft, with the most ideal thickness. In addition, Japanese cotton bed sheets have the longest durability, do not fade even though they are often washed.

Bedsheets that fits the tropical climate usually has a simple, neutral color motif with a classic impression that will make you sleep more soundly. The premium quality is no doubt, but you also have to be careful in choosing bed sheets made from Japanese cotton, because there are many KW quality in the market.

So that you know the best quality Japanese cotton bed sheets, you can pay attention to the specifications offered by the manufacturer, one of them is by looking at the thread count or thread links in every inch of fabric, the higher the thread count, the better the quality of the sheets, you can make a choice on Japanese cotton bed sheets that are has a minimum specification of 300 thread count.

Apart from those two sheets materials, there are bedsheets made from organic material called Tencel. This bed sheet uses raw materials derived from bamboo fibers, so it has fabric pores four times better when compared to cotton fabrics.

Tencel bed sheets are very good to use because it is proven to be able to absorb sweat, its natural ingredients are cool, soft and look more exclusive. Organic bed sheets are very environmentally friendly and more healthy, especially these sheets will benefit people who are prone to allergies.

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