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These Are Some Types Of Common Bows In Archery

Archery is one of the activities using the bow to shoot arrows. There are many types of bows that are used according to their needs. Apart from that, perhaps you need to check out some of the best crossbows too.

Here are some types of common bows in archery that new archers must know:

Longbows are a type of bow that is approximately the same height as the user height, this bow is not significantly bent, has a relatively narrow limb so it is circular and has a D-shaped cross-section. Longbows are made from a variety of different woods by many cultures; in Europe from the early Paleolithic period, and since the Bronze Age made mainly from yew, or from elm wych if yew is not available. According to the British Longbow Society, the British Bow was made so that its thickness was at least five per eight (62.5%) from the width, as in Victorian longbows, and wider in the handle. This is in contrast to Medieval arcs, which have a thickness of between 33% and 75% of the width.

Shortbow is a bow that has a shorter version of the design of the longbow or flatbow. The disadvantage of the short bow is that the pull cannot be long considering the bow is also short. Therefore, the short bow also has a shorter range than the longbow or flatbow. Short bows used to be more widely used for hunting purposes by tribes in rural America and Africa.

Compound Bow is a bow that already uses technology so that the power needed to pull a bow can be reduced. Because the full force needed to hold is reduced, the athlete can concentrate on the target. This bow uses elliptical wheels called cams at both ends of its limb to optimize the speed of the arrows, which also serves to reduce the athlete’s energy when holding the bow.

Crossbow is a bow resulting from variations in bow design in general. Limb mounted horizontally. The limb design can adopt a recurve or compound, but the concept of the shooting remains the same. The user either pulls the string manually or uses a towing tool, then locks it to a certain place. Then using the arrow trigger tool is thrown at the target.

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