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These Materials Are Excellent For Custom Jerseys

The choice of materials currently suitable for custom jersey design itself is indeed very much, but the most commonly used is jersey material. Many say jersey material is similar to spandex material, but not as it seems. If examined further, the characteristics of jersey material are smoother, thicker, and are warm, flexible and able to prevent heat when used. Apart from that, if you also want to make unique t-shirts for your community, perhaps you should try to order some cheap custom t shirts.

For those of you who really want to do a custom design, here are some jersey materials that can be a reference for your choice in doing a custom design:

Jersey Hight Twist material

Recommended jersey material that you can use to design custom made soccer shirts, T-shirts, blankets or Muslim clothes can use this type of hight twist jersey material.

This is one of the most popular and best-selling jersey materials because, in addition to the low selling price, this hight twist jersey material also looks neatly knitted and shiny fibers. Besides this high twist jersey is also not easy to tangle when used.

Spandex Jersey material

The next recommendation is the spandex jersey material type, or well-known as the Korean spandex jersey. This jersey is also commonly referred to as the ITY jersey on the market. It is one of the jersey materials that have high quality suitable for gamers or the community.

So that you can distinguish spandex jersey material from other jersey material, its characteristics are, the fabric is more fallen, the fiber looks smooth and not rough.

When used cold and soft to the touch. Usually, the choice of colors offered by this spandex jersey material is calmer and softer than the color choices of other jersey materials.

Jersey Stela material

Stela jersey material is material whose level is in one grade just below the ITY jersey material. The target market of the Stela jersey is for the middle class and higher because the quality offered is quite good.

The characteristics that you can differentiate from stela jersey with other jersey are the material is a bit more slippery than ITY spandex, then it is cold if used, not shiny, and the material is more falling and soft. When examined more closely then the cotton fibers are similar to T-shirts.

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