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Things To Avoid When Caring For A Sofa

A way to overcome the wrong and unfortunately often done by many people, namely to clean stubborn stains by wiping it with a cloth such as cloth or chamois. Instead of being clean, stains on the leather couch will actually spread to other skin surfaces. How to cope with stains on a leather sofa or stressless recliners brisbane is to use paper or a type of cloth that can absorb, so that the dirt will be absorbed into the material or fabric used and not spread to other skin surfaces.

In addition, here are some things you should not do when cleaning your couch:

Color the leather sofa with paint or ink
Maybe you are too often to create a room by changing the color of your leather sofa with other colors using a dye such as paint or ink. In fact, this is clearly going to make the leather sofa become damaged. The paint that clings to the leather of the sofa will stick to it and absorb it slowly on the skin and leave stains invisible. To give variations to the leather sofa, you can use an alternative sofa cushion cover and cushion in various colors. Besides avoiding stains from the sofa, you also don’t need to bother painting your precious leather sofa.

Put sharp objects on a leather sofa
Like human skin, a leather sofa will also be torn if exposed to sharp objects. The streaks left on the leather couch won’t just disappear. The thing that can be done for this does not put a leather sofa near the place of sharp objects such as the kitchen and dining room. Even in the living room, you have to use an extra cover on the edge of the sofa to store sharp objects that you use frequently like sewing tools or nail clippers.

Clean the stain on the leather sofa with water
Use a cloth or material that can suck dirt or stains that stick to the sofa. After that, the remaining stains that are still sticking you can press with a tissue or other absorbent material. If there is still leftover, you can vacuum it.

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